Dimitri Jan Staufer Pursuing what I’m passionate about and bringing smiles to people’s faces.

People who get 1,000,000 YouTube views or more on their videos are amongst the hippest people of our time.

You would need around 500,000 likes on Instagram, to be seen as a major social influencer on the internet. Also, 10,000 daily downloads and your app will hit the top 25 of the iTunes App Store.

What seems a lot more interesting to me is that 3,609,139,432 of us have access to an internet connection. Which means 3,608,139,432 people have missed this so-called “famous” YouTube video.

You may be thinking, why is this important? Well… it really isn’t. Yet, this is a great example on how much unused potential there still is and how easy it is to be influenced by large numbers.

Oh, speaking of numbers, my most successful app ranked 7th of all apps in the App Store 😉


Music has always been a huge part of my life. It’s my way of expression. I had my first drum lesson at the age of five.

A few years later I started playing the piano and soon, also fell in love with the bass guitar. I gained a tremendous amount of experience, through endless hours of practicing and performing with the most diverse bands. I recently made my way into studio recordings and music video production.


Around, what seems like a decade ago, I started experimenting with software programming and app development.

Which lead to great understanding of Apple’s integrated development environment and the iOS Human Interface Guidelines, guide me through my projects with ease. My knowledge of objective-c and swift is constantly being strengthened during my study of computer science.

To date I have published 11 apps in the iTunes App Store. The majority are my own projects and others are commissioned work for companies and organizations.

A couple of these apps have attained download numbers in the six-digit range. Many have also been praised in feature articles and recommended by well-known media.


My passion for creativity includes much more than music and apps.
It embraces and combines the art of photography and cinematography, which are also huge interests of mine. I work on a professional level and I always strive to perform my work to the highest possible standard. I have gained quite some experience in the areas of advertisement, documentation and music video during the last few years.