Pass Me!

A new revolutionary multiplayer Game designed for your living room.
Play it with your friends and family.
Everyone will love it.

Select a category and pick one of the four possible answers by swiping up, down, right or left and then pass the remote to the next player.

You’re awarded 5 points for every correct answer.
The objective of course, is to collect as many points as possible, to win the game.

Finally determine who has the brightest mind amongst you and discover interesting facts while you’re at it.

“General Knowledge”
You want to know how clever you are? Well then this category is the right one for you. In theory, everybody should know the answers to these questions.

“Mind Blow”
Breathtaking facts and numbers are key for this category. You will be astonished about how many crazy things exist and have existed on our planet.

“Breaking News”
Up to date with the latest news? Then this will be a a piece of cake for you, as these questions will help you keep track with what’s going on in the world. All content is taken directly from the latest news.

Pass Me! is available for free on the iTunes App Store.